About Us

Company Overview

We are a fast growing Cyber Security services company with cognitive technology and deep industry-specific knowledge. NEXUS Agency (previously known as Phaistos) was founded in 2016.

Worldwide Distribution

With headquarters in Greece, NEXUS Agency operates through its operational branches, in Cyprus and London. In over 5 countries worldwide, have chosen the company's services and solutions to fulfill their business needs.

Our Team

Our Team consists of Academics, MSc / PhD scientists, senior software developers, ethical hackers, cyber engineers and professionals that allows us to comprehensively and effectively assess and address new vulnerabilities and risks.

Our Status

We are a fast growing Cyber Security services company, with cognitive technology and deep industry-specific knowledge, that evaluates, designs and produces cyber security solutions tailored to meet business goals


Develop a unique Cyber Culture and provide effective and personalized cybersecurity awareness successfully, in order to obtain sustainable, prosperous societies driven by digitization.


At NEXUS Agency, our core values define who we are. Οur human-centric approach, moral compass and guiding principles, determine and drive how we approach our responsibilities to our clients.

Our Services

Penetration Testing

A combination of highly specialized, enterprise-grade tools and manual techniques is used for Internal, External, Wireless & Web Application Penetration Testing and Post-Exploitation so that vulnerabilities and insecure configurations can be detected and exploited in the target environment.

Compliance & Certification

We specialize in numerous industry standards and frameworks. Our solutions will arm you with the knowledge, skills, and information you need to achieve and maintain your compliance goals.

Risk Management

Our team works directly with yours, taking time to understand your unique business mission and goals as well as your security challenges, and will provide smart, scalable, effective solutions, step-by-step guidance, implementation support, and oversight to help strengthen your cybersecurity posture and support growth and maturity over time.

CISO Trusted Advisory Services

Avoid the expense of employing a person or team, in-house full-time, by utilizing our fully scalable consumption-based model for services utilized.

Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber security threats have increased over the past few years in all industries. NEXUS Agency offers an immediate solution to help you train your staff to be cyber secure.

Dark Web

NEXUS Agency provides dark web monitoring services to detect for stolen data and other information in organizations or employee's level and anticipates cybersecurity threats to your business.

Services You Get

Penetration Testing

– Internal/External Infrastructure

– Wireless Penetration Testing

– Web Application Testing

– Mobile Application Testing

– Social Engineering pentest

– Black Hat / Red team pentest



– NIS2/D

– ISO27K

– IMO SMS Doc Integration
(only for maritime companies)

Risk Management

– Cyber Risk Evaluation

– Cyber Legal Framework Risk

– DPIA Data Protection Impact Assessment

– Internal IT Technical Audit

– Third Party Evaluation

CISO Trusted Advisory Services

– 24/7 Services in

– Cybersecurity Certifications

– Data Security

– Incident Response & Crisis Management

– Cyber Resilience & Strategy

– Operational Security

– Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

– Cyber Risk Advisory

– Cyber Strategy

– ISMS (ISO 27001), S-SDLC, DevSecOps, built-in security & privacy (GDPR)

Cyber Awareness Training

– Staff | User (Basic)

– Supervisors (Industry oriented)

– CEO | Top Management (Critical issues &
Financial Cyber Risk Course)

– IT / Technical (Advance Package)

– Maritime onboard (for Seafarers)

Dark Web

– Dark Web Monitoring

– Deep Web Monitoring

– Black Hat profiling

– Social Engineering Exposure

– Threat Hunting


Everything You Need in One Place


Utilize Our Best Practices For Critical Infrastructure


Protect Your OT Environment


Know Your Next Cyber Health Partner



Shield Your New Digital Challenges


Compliance Is Not Enough



Reduce your Cloud Risks

AI & ML in Cybersecurity
Detect unknown and insider threats with user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA).

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Email: info@nexusagency.eu

Phone: +30 210 220 3429